First Friends: Love, Loss & Life in Humboldt County

As Patricia stood there, pregnant with her first son, being told by her husband that he loved another woman, she felt torn from the life she was supposed to have. She had come to the gorgeous solitude of Northern California as a budding attorney and tentative newly-wed, following her confident husband. Now, without his support, without his love, what was she left with? She turned to the one constant in her life: her friends, the best ones she'd had since high school, ones she made through a growing passion for long-distance running among the awe-inspiring redwoods of Humboldt County.

They built her back up, helping her find the strength to move forward, to thrive, and to seek new challenges. Told in an honest, immediate and evocative way, First Friends processes the pain of a young mother forging her way: a pioneering woman in the legal world, a self-reliant single parent, and a faithful friend.

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