Patricia's Writing

You can find more of Patricia's writing at the following publications

Patricia shares her writings and musings about life with the Medium writing and reading community.

Patricia is a writer/contributor to Salty Running, a community of women who write about all things running. She shares insights about running under the name "Sage."

After dealing with a torn hamstring and seeking medical and alternative treatments for her chronic injury, Patricia wrote a lengthy article for runnersconnect[dot]net, "High Hamstring Tendinopathy Injuries - Signs, Symptoms and Research-Backed Treatment Solutions for a Literal Pain in the Butt." 

You can read the essay here, by scrolling through to the bottom of the post to download a copy for yourself.


One of Patricia's letters to her mother is included in the collection "A Letter To My Mom," part of the "A Letter to My..." books, created by Lisa Erspamer.