Autumn-Quebec City, Canada

What a treat to have four days with my sister in Quebec City. We walked miles up and down narrow streets between brick and stone houses, climbed hundreds of stairs in the parks and to the river front and from the bridge way over Montmorency Falls. St. Anne’s Cathedral was exquisite, the most unusual array of blue mosaics in the chapel and more modern paintings and tiles in the main cathedral, along with piles of crutches left by those whose ailments were healed by miracles (this cathedral has one of highest number of pilgrims in N. America). Weather report says this will be banner year for fall colors due to amount of daylight and cold (38 degrees this morning). Delicious dinners at French bistros and a glass of wine at the famous Hotel Frontenac above the St. Charles river with views to islands and cruise ships. Amazing high tides for city 400 miles from Atlantic Ocean. And the change ringers, 8 men and women each ringing one bell for full octave of sequential sounds, echoing throughout old city sometimes in competition with Notre Dame bells. A touch of Europe without too much travel except for perhaps missed flight today because of delays out of Canada.

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