The Day before Thanksgiving Walk

The walk today was delightful, although the near freezing weather confuses me as to what inner and outer clothing to wear. My torso was fine, the four layers perfect, my hands toasty with rabbit fur-lined mittens (likely not politically correct), and my head warm beneath the knit beany cap (except for my flattened post-hat hair). My legs, ensconced in winter tights, were chilly while my toes were like blocks of ice after the second hour of walking as I’d forgotten to wear wool socks.

The trail was rutted and icy in spots, necessitating careful manuevering, gingerly walking single file, and finally, turning around to avoid slips and falls. The warmth of the near coffee shop called loudly to us, to thaw toes, to share biscotti and a scone, and to rejuvenate before walking uphill the last mile to our house.

The conversation was the highlight of the walk despite the beauty of this trail of which I never tire: the potential contract for my older son’s philosophy book, the baby steps being taken to launch my younger son’s new web project (stay tuned for “Connect a Book”), and our plans to return to the West Coast.

I love seeing my sons together, laughing, talking and being silly, little boys at times although their age would indicate they are adult men. Isn’t this what family is about? Time together, sharing recent achievements, succoring disappointments, eating, reading and lots of hugs?

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