Sonoma Walk-Abouts

We’re slowly getting familiar with the neighborhoods on the east side of Sonoma: broad streets, lush greenery, huge oak and magnolia trees, pocket lanes, houses with broad-covered porches for summer evenings. Each street quickly ends into the hills above town where more luxurious houses look down on us townies. We’ll explore the upper reaches once the weather is better and we can ride our road bikes up the hills. The urban bikes are perfect for the neighborhood rides even wine-tasting about town (we learned of wine bottle holders for bikes in the event one buys bottles of wine after the tasting). We serendipitiously stumble upon old churches, houses of Vasquez and General Vallejo, early settlers in the valley, family wineries, tumbling-down barns with Clydesdale horses peaking out of the stalls. 

I met a woman yesterday who gave me a quick overview of the area’s philanthropic opportunities. I’m excited to get back into community involvement, approaching it slowly until I understand the landscape, but trusting my skills and experience can be utitlized.

This place feels right even with the morning fog, so familiar from living in Sacramento and Placer County for years. The Christmas and holiday decorations certainly add a warmth along with the holiday shoppers and steaming coffees. I am glad we made this move. I wish I could share this phase with my parents, both of whom I dearly miss this time of you.

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