Book Soon

Thinking about marketing for my small memoir, “First Friends: Love, Loss and Life in Humboldt County.” My son has lots of ideas, from guest posts on runners’ blogs, to contacting local book stores to pique their interest about a home-town author, using social media to advertise the book’s availability, email all my friends and acquaintances of this latest endeavor, and shouting from the rooftops (my idea). The goal: to inspire people to find their personal strengths, albeit physical (running in my case), emotional (friends), or spiritual (whoever your god or higher spirit may be, if you have one), to not only survive setbacks, hardships, heartaches, and the unexpected, but also to thrive. My story acknowledges and celebrates running and the friends made during the hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles run, as the foundation for much of who I became.

I am excited as the publication date approaches and hope it’s well received. After many years of fits and starts, indecision about telling this story, and concern that the details aren’t quite right, it is how I remember those years in northern California. Look for it soon!

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