“We’re not in Kansas”

“We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto!” Monday evening sky in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although my plane landed in Nebraska, my car rental reservation was for Kansas City, Kansas. A nice man straightened me out (given the small airport and no one else in line, he seemed pleased to help). My internal navigation system (no GPS in car) defaulted, as I drove in circles in this flat land. Maybe the cloud cover extinguished any ability to locate position by the sun? By the time I arrived at the motel, severe thunderstorm warnings with 60-70 mph winds were forecast for the area, the exact minutes at specific locations a wonder, given the usual lack of ability to accurately forecast the weather. The sky darkened even more as the trees ripped in the wind, the rain pelted the already foggy motel window, and bolts of lightning clashed with thunder (“one thousand one, one thousand”…wow, close) and then, a huge perfect rainbow, end to end, marked the beginning of calm. No flying monkeys, thank goodness!image

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