Thumb: First post-op Visit

First doctor’s appointment three days post-surgery. He confirmed that the metal plate that was inserted during surgery for 2017 arm break had caused ruptured tendon. While unusual for new plates to cause tears, because my break was so bad, the original surgeon had to insert plate close to my wrist, subsequent bending of wrist over time must have irritated and finally caused rupture. This hand surgeon is overall pleased with progress so far, primarily my ability to bend middle joint of thumb, oh so slightly: this means everything is attached! I even received bonus carpal tunnel opening as part of tendon reconstruction.

I now am wearing custom removable splint, although removable is defined as keeping it on 24 hours/day except when doing prescribed exercises. My physical therapist specializes in hands, which will be important once aggressive therapy starts in six weeks. She’s also a runner so appreciates my frustration with being inactive.

While the site still hurts and throbs and arm is bruised and swollen, having the initial splint and dressing removed definitely boosted my spirits. In addition, I can wash my arm and hand and start doing some movement. I do not like being dependent, so asking for help is a key part of the treatment.

I so appreciate my friends and family for their encouragement and offers of help, sending me books to read and dropping off music to enjoy. My patience is being tested as this journey continues!

16+ stitches!

16+ stitches!

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