Leaving Facebook: Bittersweet

Dear Friends: after almost five years as a Facebook user, I have decided to no longer participate in this social media forum.

I began using FB as a tool to market my two books (“First Friends: Love, Loss and Life in Humboldt County”, and “Smart Jocks, Long Talks and Pink Socks, the Story of Coach Robert Burgess”) and evolved into using it to connect with friends, colleagues and acquaintances, everyone from kindergarten and my beloved home town of Walla Walla, to work colleagues in California, New York and Texas, to fellow philanthropists (e.g., Impact Austin, CASA of Travis County, Child Advocates of Placer County, Impact 100 Sonoma, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Social Venture Partners, and Voices for Children CASA of Boulder County), to runners (especially as a blogger for Salty Running and an early Ambassador to 261 Fearless) to family and friends scattered across the globe.

I valued the original content of my FB friends and certainly enjoyed using FB as a forum for my own writing, whether of travels with my grandson, stories of my chronic insomnia, the journey from a broken arm followed by a ruptured tendon, the joys of a hike in the nearby Rockies, and the rewards and frustrations of running.

I have found increasingly that original content has diminished greatly, that advertising and the sharing of memes has increased exponentially, that political posts, whether intentional or not, have become insidious. The joy of reading of a friend’s journey, of setbacks and achievements, of remembering places in which I lived, has unfortunately become less what this place is about.

So I will leave you for now but can be reached by messenger. I may continue to occasionally post nature pictures on my Instagram Account.

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