Last Meal!

We heard a lot about Waffle House diners when we were in Austin (not a franchise we’d seen before), but since we rarely eat waffles or pancakes or chicken-fried steaks or really, most any type of diner food, we went only once—the day the movers packed our furniture for the drive to Sonoma. Here I am waiting with great anticipation for my sad-to-say soggy iceberg lettuce salad. The diner could advertise for Paleo-based diets with its eggs, bacon and sausage, but the grease factor may detract from the otherwise “on the list” foods.

The photo doesn’t capture the unique set-up of this diner, with each booth having pass-through side so that the waiters don’t have to leave the cooking area to take your order or bring your food. Convenient, no?

If I have to choose a “last meal,” knowing it was my last meal, it’d likely be roasted winter vegetables with cheese, finished with spoonful of chunky almond butter!

[Waffle House, Austin, TX}


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