Friends and Oak Trees

Friends: twenty year friends (mothers of my younger son’s friends); former work colleagues who have become friends; former neighbors who remain friends; couples friends from my husband’s first job. I reconnected with several of these northern California friends the past few days as I begin life once again on the West Coast, far from Austin in miles, but still close to it in my heart.

It constantly amazes me how easily we continue our conversations, about our children, books, work, my writings, family events, mishaps, sorrow and joy. Our communications these past two years through emails, Skype, instant messages, twitter and Facebook did not allow the wonder of the warm smile, the big hugs, the shear joy of talking/interrupting/planning another gathering that being together—in person—permits.

As we start another phase of our life back in California, I cherish the memories of Austin and hope to keep active my recently formed friendships. I intend to nourish my long-time Placer County and Bay Area friends; I hope to find women with whom to share interests in Sonoma, our new home.

One of the constants of all these places, whether Placer County, California, Austin, Texas or Sonoma, California are the incredible, beautiful, huge, mysterious oak trees. Is it mere coincidence that we are drawn to geographies with these master trees? I will have to consider this phenomenon as I explore my new surroundings.

[Oak tree at the entrance to our lane, Sonoma, California]

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